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Herm... last post was so long ago. Well, nothing has happened! Still in school, still working hard, same old same old!

I did get tumblr, that's new, but it has slowly been destroying my life. Fuck you tumblr >8(

Got a new tablet! Will post you some of my new art when I have free time (meaning when I'm not on tumblr).

Im party hard when that comes out >:3

So that's pretty much it....
Still lame
Still lurking around NG
Love you guys!

See yah around!

BDB <3

This April Fools thing is ridicules... i have made two attempts at guessing and have come to the conclusion that the prank is that the staff has managed to keep an entire site of people guessing and waiting for a punchline AFTER the holiday had has passed...
Even if the prank is guessed now, and is correct, i don't even know if they would validate it as a win since according to the rules April Fools ENDS after April 1st (and for some regions it even ends at noon).

Sure, who doesn't want to celebrate a holiday a few day longer? I mean I would love to wear my Halloween costume after Halloween too but, lets be honest, that would just make me look like a fool...

Congrats NG, you got me!



2011-03-23 02:18:42 by BoobyDaBunny

Hows it going?

Lets kick this post of with a rant shall we?

I don't make reviews a lot but when I do they always tend to be voted as "useless."
So my question is, what makes a review "useful?"

- Listing the pros/ cons of the piece?
- stating your own opinion?
- Grammer and spelling?

Those are the basics that come to my mind.
I guess I could put a little more effort into what I'm reviewing... I will work on that, however
I see a lot of good reviews that have all these criteria but are still rated useless... what more do the people want?

- longer reviews?
- shorter reviews?
- more depth and perspective?
- more criticism?
- a snappy punny title?

I do enjoy snappy punny titles =)

Also, I see a lot of good "negative reviews", or critiques, that get deemed "useless."
I'm guessing its because the user who wrote it gave the piece a 7/10 instead of 10/10 like all the other sheep and actually took the time write something that may help the artist improve... right, because THATS "useless" >___>....
Constructive criticism is OKAY people!!! Its okay~

Another thing is a lot of people, and I'm one of them, just use the review box to comment on how much we loved/ or hated the flash.... resulting in a "useless" review... well of course its useless! We just want to shout out to the author(s) what we think of them not critique their work! I mean really, how are you going to "review" the gold medal pieces? They are awesome through and through!
We all know the animation is amazing,
the sound is perfect,
and the stories are mind-blowing
so what else is there to write except: "WOW, I love how you did X and the part where (blank) happened! AMAZING! Keep up the good work! 5/5 and 10/10"
"People think this review is Useless."....
The only reviews that should be deemed "useless" are those one to three word comments that involve the words such as gay, stupid, fail.... well you know the rest.

Other then that any review, good or bad, saying what was liked or what was not liked along with a personal opinion should be deemed good, dont you think?

And that is my rant for the day~

On a more lighter note I have bought both Pokemon B&W and Assassins Creed BroHood.
This has resulted in me coming up with Assassins Creed Pokemon where I'm drawing Pokemon after the multiplayer characters in ACB....
Lame, maybe
Fun, YES!

Anyone else have ACB? Isn't the online play so freaking fun!
I wanna know: Who's your choice character? Which one to do like to stalk and hunt down the most?
Personally I love being the executioner or the doctor and taking down the barber... he looks like such a pedo XD
I have it for PS3 and my name is the same as my NG's one here so add me if you want!

As for you Pokemon Fans o3o What started did you choose? Whats your party so far? Any favorites? Do you give them all badass nicknames? If so, what are they?

Can I just say I am not impressed that the pokemart and pokecentre are all one building? Also, I hate how when you eneter a building it goes all slow-mo... =___= Waste of a slow-mo scene if you ask me...
Besides that I am very happy with the game =)

My favourite so far is my Timburr which I deemed Sledge . Who doesn't want a Pokemon that smacks other Pokemon over the head with a 2 by 4???

Thanks for stopping by (and reading this is you did),


Reviewing Reviews, PKM B&W, and ACBroHood!

I Love You

2011-03-02 17:17:47 by BoobyDaBunny

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Clearly I have nothing new to say >3>

My New Profile Pic

2011-01-26 21:57:13 by BoobyDaBunny

I did NOT draw my new profile pic. A friend of mine drew it for me. His DA ( name is Blaz so go check him out! He does commissions =3
We decided to do something called an "art trade" and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. You trade art. I asked him to draw me with my charizard drinking beer. Classy, I know.... and he ask me to draw him Dracula (points at pic below). However I think there may be a little more I can add to him. I really want him to be badass! There will be a background later so let's just look art Dracula for now okay?
Can you help me out NG? I really want to make him a great picture since he made such an amazing one for me. What should be added? What should I take away? Any colour ideas (I hate colouring)?
Let me know what you think ^_______^

My New Profile Pic

First post for 2011

2011-01-15 04:11:09 by BoobyDaBunny

Hey NG

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year! I know I did!
School has now started again but I only have 4 classes so I' not as stressed as I usually am =P
Im taking and Econ, Psych, German, and sociology course, and all are going good so far.

As you can see I have put up some more art. One was for my boyfriend and the other was for my best friend. I'm just wondering, what does it take to get scouted in the Art Portal???
If you can, could you please give me tips on how to improve my art so I can get noticed?
Thank you ^^

I am off to bed now.

Love you NG!


My Art

2010-12-15 12:55:33 by BoobyDaBunny

Hey Everyone!!!

So I am done finals!!!! *highfives all around*
I will make a better update in a bit but I just wanted to tell I put some art I did for some friends up on my page. You can see it in my art section below =D I will post more later!
Love you guys!

Until Later,


~Mwah <3

0________0 Because I should

2010-11-04 00:58:11 by BoobyDaBunny

I just realised I made my last post in the summer. DAMN, I need to be more current. Not for you people! For myslef ^^ I mean really? Who reads my shit anyways!

So school... yes, my place of dwelling. Not too much going on. My last two midterms are this week, tomorrow and Friday, and after that I just have a bunch of papers due.
This is my first year in the Arts program and Im currently enrolled in a Psychology major (didn't plan for that) and after being in science for two years I'm finding my art courses refreshing, exciting, and some what easy (except Micoeconomics).

I have plans to upload some drawings as soon as my scanner is fixed.... but other then that what else can i say? Thing that have randomly popped into my head just now::::::

- Dont see Paranormal 2, it's a waste of money
- Im excited for snow!!! I want to snowboard!!!
- Owls are the bomb!
- I should really go out and buy food but im too lazy... OH WELL! Keeps me skinny XD
- Don't speed when there is a Bieber conster in your town... the two seem to have a devistating correlation.
- Go give your mom a hug! It's a nice thing to do =3
- My Psych teacher asked the class: Why don't guys have vagina envy but girls have penis envy?(Go read some of Freuds work if you don't know what im talking about). What do you say to this male dominate NG?
- Last month I proved God's existance in Philosophy.

Yep, that was all I could come up with the tired Ihavestudiedtomuch haze I am in -_- Im going to sleep now and hope the midterm tmrw will be a nice one~

Nice work with the Halloween submissions!!!!! Not as scary as past years but still entertaining!

MWAH~ <3 Love you NG,


PS: you know you want it ;)

0________0 Because I should


2010-04-30 18:55:01 by BoobyDaBunny

Just so you all know my old account, shippo13 will no longer be used. I am now BoobyDaBunny. Why, you may ask? Well 1) its unique and also my xbox live account and 2) It makes you think of boobies and bunnies which are both pleasent and soft things to think about. So when I'm in a xbox match and you see my name you think "BoobyDaBunny," this player will be easy! Thats when you let your gaurd down and I fuck shit up! HOOYA

Im posting now because, guess what! FINALS ARE OVVVEEER! DONE DONE DONE!! *high fives all around* With finals done this means I will be able to post more art, vote on your flash submission, and chat it up with all you forum whores ;)
Let the summer time fun begin!!! Here a few things I plan on doing:

1) Party it up
2) Come on NG and post wicked art
3) Work to make money for school next year
4) Tan
5) Read some good books (any suggestions?)

Whats your plans for the summer NG? I'm looking forward to some awesome flash submission from you guys ;)